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    Work Smarter. Work Faster. Work Together.
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    Data Dictionary: Define and Validate Data
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    Data Repository: Study Management

    and Data Submission
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    GUID: Global Unique Identifier
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    ProFoRMS: Protocol Management

    and Data Capture
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    Query and Export Data
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    MIPAV Imaging Data Submission
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    Account Management
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    BRICS was selected as

    the Judges' Choice 2017 winner

Catalyzing Team Science

The Biomedical Research Informatics Computing System, or BRICS, is a comprehensive but customizable bioinformatics knowledge base designed to efficiently collect, validate, harmonize, and analyze research datasets. A modular, web-based system, BRICS makes the performance of research studies and clinical trials faster, simpler, and more collaborative.

BRICS Publication: Development of an informatics system for accelerating biomedical research

BRICS Platform components that enable biomedical data to be FAIR
BRICS support for NIH's strategic plan for Data Science
BRICS is 21CFRPart11 certified